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Christian Radio and Programming as well as streaming audio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Crusade Radio. You can listen live by clicking on the "Listen Live" button on the left.

The specific purpose of this ministry is to provide Christian radio to Christians world-wide via the internet. The founder of Crusade Radio believes that Christians need to listen to Christian radio to be kept up to date with current events, Christian battles around the country, and also need to hear good Gospel preaching and teaching throughout the day. At this time, we have 30 broadcasters that have their own shows daily. The topics of the programs include old-fashioned preaching, current news and events, family programming, prayer request call-ins, and patriot news. As you see, we have christian programming in many different forms. We are sure that many of these programs will be a blessing to you.

To listen to live streaming audio, simply click on the "Listen Live" button on the left. You must have Windows Media Player, Real Player, Real One Player, or Win Amp to listen. You can tune in to Christian radio streaming at 8k, 16k, or 20k, so you should be able to listen on any type of connection with any speed of computer. In the future we will be transmitting via satellite and short-wave. The time frame is in God's hands. Please pray for this, as we are looking into many new avenues.

If you are interested in having your own Christian radio broadcast, please contact us at mel@crusaderadio.com. Our rates for religious broadcasting are very competitive and we believe that the Lord will bless your work for Him. If you are a radio station interested in carrying some of our broadcasts, please contact us at mel@crusaderadio.com. We will discuss our policy with you, but we are sure that we can work out a deal for both of us. Our goal is to get the Word out about Jesus Christ. You can help us by airing some of our Christian programming.

We are also building a home schooling program via the internet. Our idea is to have qualified teachers provide ongoing General Education Development for rural areas to complete High School equivalency. Books and other library resources, via cyberspace and radio, will be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people, not just the disabled. No materials will be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation. We will provide material and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues, and materials will not be removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval. We will challenge censorship in the fulfillment of responsibility to provide information and enlightenment. We will cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgement of free expression and free access to ideas. Please pray for us as we pursue this new avenue in our ministry. If you have questions about this, please email us at mel@crusaderadio.com.

Christian radio via streaming audio helps to illustrate the experiences, beliefs, and values that unite us as human beings. They stimulate us to make connections where we noticed none before - between our ancestors and ourselves, between one culture and another, between the community and the individual.

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