Aurora May (McDaniels) Martin Barlett Fisher

First marriage was to Harv Martin.  He was also an abuser and she had many miscarriages with him.  She was again expecting and left him before he beat her again.  She had Jesse James.  Who died around 3 months old.  Aurora always blamed her self for his death.  Because she was breast feeding him and fell asleep.  When she awoke. He was dead, she thought that she had rolled over on him.   She said that they buried him at a road in the road.  Her second husband's name was Roy Barlett (not Jim).  Jim was Roy's Brother.   She had John J. with him.  She said they were at Slick city and he went to the store to get her some snuff and never returned.  She moved around from town to town taking care of new babies, so that the mothers could stay in bed.  She went to McAlester and was at the Baum Family's house taking care of 3 of the Fisher Children.  (Goldie, Frank & Lewis?)  Bessie Baum had died giving birth to Frank. Their father, Lewis Fisher, was in the National Guard (45th Division) and was not at home.  But, when he returned home, he after a while ask Aurora May to marry him.  They Married on Oct. 27, 1925 and had 10 Children between them.
Goldie Mae -   Sept. 06, 1916
Frank James-  April 28, 1919
Dewey Lee-    April 10, 1922
John J.-          Sept. 13, 1924
Hollis Gene     July 4, 1926
Alvena Louise   Dec. 6, 1928
Beulah May      May 22, 1931
Maggie Florance  Aug. 19, 1933
Mack Melvin Fisher  August 1935
Hannah Sue       Feb. 13, 1939
Seaborn Barney  Aug. 21, 1941

Mack Melvin Fisher was born Aug. 1935 but died in 1936  He choked to death.
He had pneumonia & whooping Cough.   He died in Aurora's arm's and after about 3 hours they finally got her to let go of him. She would not let anyone near her, she didn't want to believe that her baby was dead and wouldn't let go.