Another conversation with Ethel revealed that the Picture of Susie with Aurora, Orel, and Leita is a cropped picture which she has in her possession and includes the entire house that was located either at Weleeka or Wetumka Okla.

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Diary of Susie Fontana Miller in possession of Ethel Grace Merrill Tulsa Okla 918-446-9316 son David Merrill david-merrill@utulsa.edu

The following means nothing except conjecture but I have learned the following. Austin Indiana was a meatpacking center.
Susie went across Indiana to Ill. then across Mo to Kansas where I have lost them because I do not have the diary in my hands. Some spots are unreadable to the naked eye. Looks like they may have been in the Winfield-Oxford area during the year of 1886-7. She has a "diary" that names towns from Winfield ks to Springfield
Mo. I call this page one of the diary There is no time line but on the back of page one is pasted  the Month of April 1886 from Farmers Almanac.


"...As it was a railroad town, my nextdoor neighbor, Mr. Carlos, was the night telegraph operator. My neighbor on the other side was Mr. McDaniel, a laborer at the freight depot, transferring Less-than-car-load items from box cars to a fleet of Santa Fe Trailways highway trucks. Across the street lived Mr. Dunneway and Mr. Hoseck. Mr. Dunneway was the passenger ticket agent at the depot and Mr. Hoseck...I have lost track of what he did..."

I am assuming the family of Martin (as listed on the back of a young adult picture Corae Martin in possession of Ethel Grace Merrill in Tulsa) either left for Kansas from Austin to Winfield Ks or its environs. I am guessing Husband died here or left her. She went to Lebanon area then according to the listed cities on page one diary.

 Martin may be the first husband of Cora who is known to be in Jasper MO in the 1930  or earlier. Cora had children Hartle,  Hiram, Jack. Their last name was Chasteen. Cora younger brother Elmo left at an early age and was never heard of again.
Here is the telephone conversation with Ethel concerning page one.

[ numbers are from yahoo maps for an indication of distances]

A list of cities as follows:
Winfield (ks)
Burden            18.0
Cambridge    5.2
.... (Elk Falls) 29.1
.... (Moline)    21.1
Independence    63.6 from Cambridge
......(cherryvale)    11.0
......(Parsons)    21.7
Mound Valley    19.0
Oswego    18.4
Columbus    15.6
[Carl Junction] [16.4]
Carthage (mo)  [16.0]  31.7 from Columbus
Avilla    10.7
Phelps    12.6

March 30th

Jasper [Ashgrove]
[NOTE these listed cities leave just above Oklahoma (Corbin)in central Kansas and goes to a spring board of either Republic or Lebanon. One of these trips was reported to be in a covered wagon if not all.]

Page two I call it is as follows:
Cities in Illinois
Mt. Vernon    33.5
Albion    64.8
Lawrence...(Lawrenceville)    39.8
Mt Carmel    23.7
Back of page has page from Farmers Almanac May 1886
[ note these are cities apparently from Austin in Indiana across Illinois to Jefferson City Mo ?? Capital of Mo.]

page three
Winfield    10.6
Back has memo from June
[note I was looking for a meatpacking concern in this area and there are many. Did ?Martin? die here and and she meet a
 ?Thornton? who worked the railroad who died and she met McDaniel as a result. After her marriage, she then left almost immediately for Indian territory]

page 4
Girard (ks)
Parsons    36.0
Cherryvale     21.7
Independence    11.0
Elk City    15.5
(Moline)    28.2
(Elk Falls)
Cambridge    21.1
Burden    5.2
Winfield    18.4
Belle Plaine    24.7
Wellington    16.0
Perth    14.1
Corbin    5.7
Crawford    [?]
Lebed or lebdt [?]
Montgomery    [?]

several entries unreadable to Ethel
back of page 4 July of Farmers Almamac
[There is a Montgomery Ok on the Texas/Okla border] in a straight line from Corbin]

[ note these cities start from the entrance(Girard) to Kansas with a higher entrance than the second/first(Columbus) possibly from her leaving Jefferson(city mo) and travelling across Kansas with the final resting place some ?120 miles? at 20 miles per notation  from Corbin ks as the towns become confused without seeing the actual list.

I am supposing ?Martin? died here and she met Thornton by the time she was back in Lebanon by Joel Barney Thornton's birth in 1889.]

Next page torn from "diary"

page 6
Grove (ok) Ethel sez this was MO
Ash Grove
Golden City
Howell (St Louis)
Terra Haute (in)

back of page 6 Dec 1886 Farmers Almamac

[ I am assuming that someone requested her to write any remaining names of town she could remember on this last page]
There are other pages but Ethel was less than ready to give out the information as it was probably recipes or such.

Grove Okla
Anderson MO,
Springfield Mo
[could have been her trip from Republic to Indian Territory.]

Ash Grove,
Golden City

[ was probably a remnant of her previous trips to and from Kansas.]

Howell, (St Louis)
Terra Haute (in)
[possibly a part of her trip from Austin Indiana  in her original journey.]

[Note most of the traveler were directed to the outskirts of towns where a grove of trees beside the water  was set for them.]

There is also a second book of poems, which Ethel dated to November 1888 on a hand written poem.

There was a name and address in the "diary" as follows,

Mary M. Deel
Mulberry Station
Franklin  County Ark

[note I found an Ella Deel with an unlisted telephone number in in Mulberry Ar. I have not followed up]
on the back of this page is pasted a newspaper clipping entitled Helps and Hints.

Lots of luck hunting this stuff.